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For a PDF file of the claim form and brochure click here.

Please read the UK Finance privacy policy before downloading the claim form.

Completing the claim form

If you find a name on which you wish to make a claim, you will need to complete a claim form. These notes are designed to help you in completing the form.

There is no requirement to answer all of the questions, however, the more information that you are able to provide, the more likely the bank(s) will be able to make a match to an account if one still exists. Please try to complete the claim form as fully as possible including any information that might help to trace the account. Remember, even if you send your claim electronically you MUST print the form off and post it to Restore UK.


The following numbers correspond to the questions on the claim form:

  1. Please enter your full name including any middle names.
  2. Your date of birth should be stated in the following format DD/MM/YYYY (day/month/year).
  3. Your current address should be quoted including your full postcode (and/or area code if you have one). If this is a temporary address, please state how long you will be resident there and please give a permanent contact address.
  4. For UK residents, a current daytime telephone number would help if we need to contact you with any questions. For all claimants, an email address would be useful if you have one.
  5. This is particularly useful to us if you live overseas.
  6. If you do not know the exact name, please give as much information as possible.
  7. Please answer either section A or B.
    • Spell out any variations or format of the name of the account.
    • Provide, if possible, any known addresses of the account holder since the account was opened.
    • List any specific bank(s) that may have held the account.
    • If an exact location is not known, a general geographical area where the account holder may have lived or held an account would be helpful.
    • If you are enquiring about an account not belonging to you, please state your relationship to the account holder.
    • Please indicate if the account holder is still alive and, if so, on what basis you are making the claim.
  8. A joint account is an account held by more than one person, most commonly husband and wife, but can be anyone. If you are not sure, state any possibilities that might help.
  9. If you have any records, an account number may be shown on a cheque book, a savings book or possibly on correspondence.
  10. Please specify, if you can, what type of account you believe was held. A savings account would normally be evidenced by a savings book or passbook whereas a current account would normally have a book of cheques.
  11. The date or an approximate date when the account was opened.
  12. The date or an approximate date that the account was last used.
  13. If you know the approximate balance or value of the account, please state it here.
  14. Please do not send any documents or photocopies with your claim form at this stage. If you wish to support your claim with additional information, please list clearly on a separate sheet of paper and attach it securely to the form. Tick the box to indicate you have done so.
  15. The validity of your claim will not be assessed by Restore UK but the bank(s) themselves. If a bank (or banks) believe that they may have a possible match with the name on which you are claiming, they will contact you directly.

For further help please write to:

Restore UK
1 Angel Court
London EC2R 7HJ
United Kingdom

Note: all of the documents above are made available in portable document format PDF. To read these you will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Making a claim

Check the list of names for the family name surname you are looking for. Click here to search for a name and for tips on searching. Remember that for data protection and confidentiality reasons the list only gives the first initial of first names (given names).

If you think you may be entitled to make a claim, you can download a copy of the form now and post it to Restore UK at 1 Angel Court, London, EC2R 7HJ.

Alternatively, complete the form on screen now and send it electronically to Restore UK. If you decide to submit your claim in this way you MUST still send a copy by post. Restore UK will not start to process the claim form until a signed posted copy is received. The form sets out the procedure the banks will follow when your form is received.

What happens next

Once Restore UK has received your claim form:

  • Restore UK will give each claim a unique reference number.
  • We will check the form to ensure that your claim relates to the second world war period. If it does not, we will send it back to you with a copy of the UK Finance "My Lost Account" leaflet.
  • If your claim relates to the second world war period we will check the form for a signature. If the form is not signed we will return it to you for signing.
  • If the name on which you are claiming appears on the website, and the full name corresponds with our records, we will acknowledge your enquiry and send your details to the bank or banks with whom we believe there may be a possible match.
  • We will let you know immediately if the full name does not correspond with our records.
  • We will diarise to ensure that your claim is dealt with by the banks within the agreed 3 month timescale. The bank or banks concerned will contact Restore UK to inform us of the results of their enquiries. If a bank requires more information to allow them to investigate your claim we will contact you.
  • If the bank(s) does not find a match with an unclaimed account in their books for the name on which you are claiming, we will let you know this directly.
  • If a bank(s) agrees a match, we will advise you of the name of the bank(s). The bank(s) will then deal with you directly.
  • In every case, the bank(s) will advise us of the outcome of your claim.
  • We will remain your point of contact until a bank or banks have been able to determine whether there is a possibility that they have an unclaimed account in their records that matches the name on which you are claiming.
  • We are not involved in banks' decision making processes. If a bank cannot agree on the validity of your claim or are unable to trace the account in question, you will have the right to appeal through the bank's internal process. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you have the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
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